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In-Service Training and Maintenance Program

The most common cause for the failure of a Police Canine Program is the lack of structured maintenance training and qualified oversight of the canine unit’s fitness and performance. It is not cost effective for a department to employ a specialist, full time, to work with one, two or even three canine/handler units.

In response to this need, the Canine Training Institute offers an in-service maintenance and training program. The training group is made up of units from numerous law enforcement agencies throughout central Illinois. In this way, the cost of the training program is shared by these participating agencies. The training group meets a minimum of twenty, one day training sessions each calendar year. The meeting sites vary between cities and counties of the participating agencies. By changing locations, participants are exposed to various sites, environments, buildings and narcotics training aids to work with and acclimate to.

Maintenance, K-9 unit proficiency, advanced skills and narcotics detection certification are addressed through CTI's In-Service Training Program. Yours, as well as canine units from a dozen different law enforcement agencies, will meet with a CTI trainer each month where he/she will specifically address any training or performance problems that might developed. Additionally, we discuss deployment scenarios that have been encountered and conduct advanced training exercises designed to enhance the overall capabilities and performance of all participating canine/handler units.

As part of this program, twice each year CTI conducts certification tests, to document proficiency in the detection of illegal narcotic substances