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Deputy Kevin Keen with K9 Kees and retired K9 Braco

Braco traveled to the U.S. from Belgium in May of 2004.  He was purchased from Belgium Police Officer Luc Michiels.  Officer Michiels' duty assignment, as part of the Brussels Metro Unit, prevented him from handling a service canine at that time.  However, at the conclusion of his tour in Brussels, Michiels has transfered into the canine corps himself.

Braco proved to be a dog with an extremely high work ethic, level of intelligence and desire to please his handler, Deputy Mutchler.  Together, their hard work and abilities enabled us to complete the CTI training course in under ten weeks.  Braco is trained as a multi-service police K9.   His duties include narcotics detection, man tracking, felon apprehension, article search, building and area searches as well as community service and public demonstrations as a representative of the Tazewell County Sheriff's Department.

Todd, Brenda and Luc

Todd and Brenda Mutchler, touring Brussels Belgium with their new friend and guide Luc Michiels.  CTI purchased Braco from Luc and imported him into the United States for the Tazewell County Sheriff's Department.  Todd and Luc have been exchanging e-mails ever-since and finally had the opportunity to meet

Retired Canine Teams

Taz & Tod
Deputy Todd Mutchler and K9 Taz
Braco and Todd
Deputy T Mutchler & K9 Braco
Taz & Sean
Deputy Sean Meeks and K9 Taz