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Tracking and Trailing Training

CTI's tracking course emphasizes not just the required basic tracking/trailing skills, but also the theories of our canine's scenting abilities, motivational techniques, canine focus, the impact of physical factors and environmental conditions.

The mechanics of scent deposition and migration, influenced by the specific environment and physical structures are examined in detail.  Our training exercises, in conjunction with the canine's instinctual behaviors to hunt and track are used as a basis to train the canine to locate and follow the scent of any person.  Training techniques are designed and structured to clearly identify the required task, to our canines, and to instill the necessary drives and desires that will motivate the canine to make all possible effort to follow the track to conclusion. 

The canine/handler team is exposed to extensive work in both rural and urban environments, that includes the more difficult "hard surface" tracking skills and techniques in which CTI was a pioneer and currently specializes in.