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General Educational Goals

Handlers receive instruction in the techniques of canine handling and deployment.   Each handler is required to maintain training logs and activity reports.  In addition the handler will acquire a thorough education in the techniques, theory and methodology utilized to train their dog.  CTI's goal is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to enable each handler to maintain a high level of performance and productivity for himself and his canine partner.

Narcotics Detection

CTI's narcotics detection course includes the complete canine and handler trainingStorm program of obedience training, confidence course work and substance detection.  The canine can be trained for either active or passive indications, as per the wishes of the department.

Man Tracking and Trailing

The CTI tracking program has proven itself to be extraordinarily effective in developing police canine tracking teams.  Skills and techniques are developed that enable the canine/handler team to follow trails of environmental disturbances, scent deposits and the combination of both in any environment.

Multi-Service Patrol K9

CTI's multi-service Police Canine course is a comprehensive program, comprised of the handler training program, canine obedience training, confidence course work, narcotics detection, police patrol, man tracking, evidence search/recovery, felon search/apprehension and officer protection.  Deployment techniques, concerns and procedures are examined throughout the program.  We emphasize how these issues relate to productivity, performance enhancement, officer safety and exposure to civil action.